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Highflow Electric Hotwater

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Highflow Electric Hotwater
Highflow Gas Hotwater
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Bosch is proud to present the latest technology in gas hot water systems, the new Bosch Highflow range. The new Bosch Highflow range are the most advanced continuous flow gas water heaters to be sold in Australia and New Zealand and are the pinnacle of hot water technology. The new range is available in 17, 21 and now the higher 26 litre per minute flow rates, to ensure that you never run out of hot water! Representing the cutting edge of water heating innovation, the new Bosch Highflow range boasts the highest star ratings on the market today.

With a minimum 5.5 Star energy rating on every Electronic Highflow system, these environmentally friendly units with not only reduce running costs today but will help preserve the environment for tomorrow. Additionally, you can now enjoy complete control over your hot water by installing up to 4 optional temperature controllers. This allows precise control of water temperature throughout the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and en suite.

Benefits of the new Highflow range:

  • Minimum 5.5 star energy rating

  • Continuous flow technology – never run out of hot water

  • Compact, space saving

  • All new Highflow models are capable of utilising up to 4 optional temperature controllers

  • Suitable for 1-3 bathroom homes

  • 50°C limited models available

  • Antifrost as standard on all models

  • External installation

  • Extensive Warranty: 10 year heat exchanger (party only) and 3 year parts and labour

Forget about requiring an external energy source to light your hot water system. The Bosch HydroPower Range is the new generation of hot water system ignition, creating energy purely from water flow.

Cold water entering the HydroPower water heater generates enough power to replace the need for batteries, standing pilot lights or external power points. This ensures the highest level of environmental sustainability and cost effectiveness you expect from Bosch water heaters

Available in 10, 13, and 16 litre per minute flow rates, the Bosch HydroPower units can cater for either internal or external installations.

The Bosch Pilot Range of gas continuous flow hot water systems utilises a standing pilot light that will supply from 600 litres per hour up to 960 litres per hour.

Available in external models, the pilot range provides endless hot water at the turn of a tap, without the need for a power point. Models are available to suit the smallest domestic needs right up to the most demanding.

External LPG models are particularly popular in country areas, where reticulated gas is not available and there is no external power point. Only heating water when required by the user, the Bosch external range is extremely economical to run and easy to install.

The 32 litre commercial units are specifically designed for Australian and New Zealand commercial use. Options include one unit through to a fully manifold system. The Bosch commercial units have all your applications covered.

The 32 series has a coated copper heat exchanger to prevent corrosion and deterioration and the internal copper piping is 25% thicker than residential models to extend the life of the product. In addition, the Quick Connect Cord (KMQC0703339) is available for easy installation of 2 units manifolded for heavier applications.

The Bosch 32 and 32Q will, with a controller attached, reactivate within 1 minute of the power coming back on after a power outage and go back to the settings that it had before the loss of power (great for sporting complexes). Both the 32 and 32Q feature the same physical dimensions. Antifrost comes as a standard option with the 32 series. The units can be installed either internally (using the Bosch flue kit), or externally with the additional Bosch accessory, Vent Cap (KMVC100), making the Bosch 32 series the most flexible units on the market.

The 32 series are most effective when coupled with the optional temperature controllers. The controllers offer fingertip water temperature control, accurate to single degrees. The commercial controller gives you the advantage of not having to mix hot water with cold water as this is done automatically inside the unit. Bosch has also developed a range of Professional Packs, including burner and tank, ready to be shipped to your site for installation. The packs come in a range of different sizes from a 250ltr tank + 200mj burner to a 315ltr tank + 250mj burner.

Bosch 32 Series gives you flexibility and reliability when there is a demand for large volumes of hot water. The 32 series has all your applications covered and is perfect for large homes (3+ bathrooms).

The unique features of the Bosch 32 and 32Q include:

  • 32 litres per minute

  • Either LPG or NG

  • Internal and External applications

  • Internal applications with standard flueing (e.g. available from any plumbing outlet)

  • 4.8 stars

  • Wall hung

  • Minimum pressure - 200 kPa

  • Minimum flow rate - 3.5ltrs per minute

  • Capacity range 3.5 – 32ltrs minute

  • Direct ignition

  • Temperature settings – 37-48, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80Ί C, factory set at 60Ί C

  • Safety devices – flame rod, thermal fuse, pressure relief valve, lightning protection device (ZNR), electric leakage prevention device, overheat prevention device, freezing prevention device, fan rotation detector

  • 25 degree rise @ 32ltrs per minute

  • Compact design

  • Easy installation

Additional Features of the 32Q

  • Internal Pump – The internal pump is the additional benefit of the 32Q unit. This enables the consumer to not require an external pump for the system saving initial setup costs, space and for ease of installation for recirculating systems.

  • Recirculation – Recirculation feature means there is always hot water in the pipes

  • Circulation Mode – Main controller has a built in timer for recirculation pump

  • Main remote controller – (RCM3211) included as standard with KM32111WHQ (NG/LP)