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Stamped Impression Concrete

Decorative Technologies

54 - 62 David Road
Emu Plains
NSW 2750

Concrete Paints and Coatings
Stamped Impression Concrete
Stencil Pattern Concrete

Phone: (02) 4735-6477

Decorative Technologies is an Australian manufacturer and distributor of high quality building materials used in decorative concrete. This includes Stencil Pattern Concrete, Decorative Spray-On Paving Product and Concrete Staining Products. Stencil and Stamp concrete products are applied to new wet concrete.

Decorative Spray-On Paving is applied to existing concrete to give new life to an old surface. Concrete Staining readily inter-weaves the rich tones and themes of the Australian landscape to achieve spectacular concrete surfaces.

At our Emu Plains (New South Wales) plant we manufacture our colour hardeners, release agents, stencil patterns; whilst our sealers, solvents and textured wall coatings are manufactured in Victoria. Our branches, agents and distributors also stock all tools and accessories required for any decorative concrete solutions.

Our product range includes:

  • Fauxtex: Stencil pattern concrete products for driveways, carports, entertainment areas, pool surrounds, patios and paths, loading bays, high traffic areas. Fauxtex stencil pattern products provides distinctive architectural appeal of traditional brick or stone pavers.

  • Cover-tex: Spray on paving products gives new life to existing concrete with over 35 stencil patterns and colours. Mix and match with different header courses, customised logos & motifs and different texture finishes.

  • Tex-stain: Designer concrete stain transforms drab grey concrete flooring into unique and creative decorative finishes, through the use of the Tex-stain system. Add beauty and a touch of luxury by re-creating the natural look and feel of granite, marble and other exotic finishes by using our Tex-stain system.

  • Sealers - Decorative Technologies: manufacture a range of quality sealers for varied applications.

  • Décor-tex: Textured wall coating system also referred to as bagging, paint & bag or cement redendering; Décor-tex product is a two-coat application, easily applied in a fraction of the time and more cost effective than other textured coating products. The first coat, Primer, ensures the uniformity of absorption and the second coat, Finish Coat, is a high-density acrylic based product that bonds to the Primer to give a durable textured surface.

For all your decorative concrete requirements you need not look further!