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Thermal Insulation


Acoustic Insulation
Polyester Insulation
Thermal Insulation

Phone: (02) 9756 3122

Autex Insulation is proud to introduce its user-friendly range of polyester insulation. The Autex Insulation range of products are manufactured to an exacting specification under strict quality control and our continued testing and research ensures quality and consistency across the total range of products.

The Autex Insulation range of products caters to all segments of the building industry, from domestic housing and commercial buildings through to industrial applications. Everyone can now take advantage of user-friendly insulation thanks to the complete product range from Autex Insulation.

The Autex range of products caters to all segments of the building industry from domestic housing and commercial buildings to industrial applications. Autex insulation is a lightweight and compressible material manufactured from 100% thermally bonded polyester and will perform for life (50+ year durability rating). Autex insulation is manufactured on-site by Autex Industries Ltd in Auckland, and by Autex Pty Ltd in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, Australia.

The Autex Insulation range includes GreenStuf® thermal insulation and QuietStuf® acoustic insulation and all are:

  • Made from 100% polyester fibre.

  • High recycled content our products can contain up to 70% recycled fibre.

  • Low “embodied energy” as we use a high percentage of recycled fibre and the fact that polyester is made from the gasses released during the processing of crude oil into fuels. Embodied energy means the fuels, electric power, transportation and job-site related power used to extract, fabricate, package, transport, install and commission a building product, material or system.

  • Non-carcinogenic and not associated with health concerns. Polyester can be found in the clothes we wear and in the bedding we sleep on, and polyester has been approved for use by the Australian Asthma Association.

  • Does not use formaldehyde or other chemical binders. Our insulation products do not contain any chemical binders, rather we use heat to bind the fibres together. That means no break-down, no slumping or sagging and no potential hazard from off-gas or VOC emission.

  • Provides safer indoor air quality as polyester will not off-gas and the fibres will not become a potential airborne pollutant.

  • Polyester is recyclable.

  • User-friendly no protective clothing, specialist equipment or precautions are required to handle or install our products.

  • Non-irritant, non-toxic, non-allergenic and that means no skin, throat or lung irritation on contact or following installation.

  • Ultra low/zero waste policy. Where possible waste fibre is collected and re-used or on-sold for cushion fill.

  • ISO 9001 quality systems. Autex Industries Ltd manufacture under ISO 9001 quality control systems.

  • GreenStuf® is fully BRANZ appraised, and all our products meet and exceed the requirements of the NZ and Australian Building Codes, including AS1530 fire performance requirements.

The GreenStuf® range of quality thermal insulation includes;

  • GreenStuf® Wall and Ceiling Insulation Batts and rolls are available in a range of thermal performance ratings to meet most commercial and residential applications.

  • GreenStuf® Underfloor for insulating the underside of exposed joist floors.

  • GreenStuf® Ecowrap for insulating electric hot water cylinders- which if warm to the touch, its losing energy and costing money.

The QuietStuf® range of quality Acoustic Insulation includes;

  • QuietStuf® Acoustic Batts insulation for wall or mid-floor cavities.

  • QuietStuf® ASB acoustic blanket designed for use in STC rated commercial building applications and is available in a range of thicknesses and densities. Ideally suited for steel stud partition systems.

  • QuietStuf® Baffle Block ceiling baffle system that is installed in the ceiling cavity above partitions to control noise between offices.

  • QuietStuf® AAB acoustic blanket designed specifically to reduce and control reverberated noise in building interiors.

For more information about our products visit us on-line at or contact your nearest Autex Office.

Autex Pty Ltd Melbourne Head Office Sydney Branch Perth Branch 166 Bamfield Road 16 Bushells Place 195 Banks Street West Heidelberg, Melbourne Wetherill Park, Sydney Welshpool, Perth Ph +61 3 9457 6700 Ph +61 2 9756 3122 Ph + 61 8 9355 1911

Autex Industries Ltd Auckland Head Office Wellington Branch 702-718 Rosebank Road 6 Victoria Street Avondale, Auckland Lower Hutt, Wellington Ph +64 9 828 9179 Ph +64 4 568 8211