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Window Film

Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand

PO Box 617
NSW 2074

Window Film

Phone: (02) 9498 5241
Fax: (02) 9498 3816

The Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ) comprises window film manufacturers, suppliers and applicators.

We’re dedicated to improving the standard and installation of window film, connecting you with the country’s best applicators. We set performance guidelines for our members, and are a reliable voice for the industry at all regulatory levels.

For assurance of quality, always choose a WFAANZ member. Visit our website for a list of applicators near you.

Why window film?

Window film is an attractive, inexpensive and durable window treatment option that’s environmentally friendly.

It’s commonly used to…

  • Reduce energy bills

  • Control temperature

  • Improve safety and security

  • Minimise glare

  • Enhance comfort

  • Block UV radiation

  • Protect furnishings, carpets, etc.

  • Maximise space within a room

  • Create a uniform external façade

  • Increase privacy

  • Provide signage and decoration

These days, you can choose a window film that meets your specific needs. It’s available in a wide range of aesthetic and performance types that suit most requirements and can be applied to any glass surface. The cost of window film compares favourably to double glazing, tinted and reflective glass and shading devices. It can be applied to new windows or retrofit to existing ones, both residentially and commercially.

WFAANZ members are trained to ensure the product is fitted correctly, and WFAANZ window film manufacturers provide a minimum 10 year warranty, and some even offer a lifetime guarantee on residential applications. Visit for more information.

Categories of window film:

Solar films

  • Control the temperature inside a car, home or office and ensure air conditioning systems work more efficiently

  • Range in darkness, from almost transparent to dark grey

  • Homes or buildings can have film of any darkness

  • New films offer high visibility and beneficial thermal performance

  • Many residential window films have been energy rated as part of the Window Energy Rating Scheme, WERS

  • Almost clear, low reflective films are now available ensuring minimal change to the look of the glass, so retaining light into a room, which still providing a considerable benefit

Safety and security films

  • High strength, superior adhesive system

  • Designed to hold broken glass onto the film, reducing the possibility of injury or damage caused by flying glass shards

  • Usually clear

  • Brings old ‘float’ glass up to current Australian Standards (safety glass)

  • Protect glass from shattering in public places

  • For use in bomb blast mitigation

  • The thicker the film, the stronger the substrate it’s applied to becomes

  • Also special sacrificial anti-graffiti films, which absorb scratch graffiti and can be replaced

  • Some also provide sun control features

  • Security film deters and delays break-in attempts

Decorative films

  • Thousands of films used to improve glass in commercial buildings and vehicles

  • Frost film used for office privacy (think of the frost stripes on the office walls in your local bank)

  • Coloured vinyl films used in the signage industry

  • Digitally printed films can depict just about any design or artwork