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Dark Bathrooms:

The addition of a skylight or sky tube will bring floods of light when it is not economical or practical to enlarge windows. Colour schemes in dark bathrooms are also important so consult some of the better paint shops for advice and talk to your tile supplier too.
Small Bathrooms:

Make use of mirrors where possible. A large mirror area above a vanity or any other suitable wall will double the apparent size of small bathrooms. Light colour walls with a darker floor also helps with the "illusion of size".

Wall Cabinets:

  • Can be built into the wall to improve space and appearance.

Location of Facilities:

  • When renovating try and keep toilets, baths etc in their original location if possible. This saves costly structural changes to piping etc – but do not do so slavishly. If a relocation is justified do so but be aware of the cost.

Tile over existing tiles:

  • This is possible and economical with adhesive technology today. It may be more appropriate to tile over existing floor tiles than over wall tiles because of the more difficult process of removing floor tiles. Technically it is possible to tile over wall and floor if original tiles are in good condition and indicate good original fixing. Consult the adhesive makers who will generally supply a technical guide.

Semi Recessed Basin:

  • Allows for the construction of narrow vanity cabinets. Any bathroom, small or otherwise, benefits from the illusion of space created by less volume of vanity cabinet. The basin is full size and the cabinet, although narrow, still has the capacity for reasonable storage (with full depth vanities the back area is usually unreachable and forgotten anyway).

Shower Screens:

  • For aesthetic reasons never use an obscure glass in a shower screen. Clear laminated or toughened glass is the preferred option. Clear glass avoids the illusion of a telephone booth constructed in the bathroom. Ensure that the shower screen door opens outwards.


  • If the door opens inwards and is the cause of interference with design, consider re-hanging the door to open outwards. This does mean that the door opens into another room or passageway but could solve certain space problems. If the construction of the wall is of timber a sliding cavity door produces good space saving results.


  • This is often forgotten, especially when bathrooms are renovated in summer time. Heating is essential to comfort in the colder southern states, and is best planned at the time of renovation. Bar heaters, fan heaters, heated towel rails and fan and light heaters should be considered.

Floor Wastes:

  • Make sure that the waste connection to the waste pipe is well sealed. The benefit of good waterproofing may be greatly diminished, especially in a shower, if the water is able to leak into and under the tiling at this waste joint.

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