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Non-Slip Base

A non - slip base should be standard on any bath worth considering. The chances of slipping and causing serious injury is severely increased in a bath or spa without a non-slip base. An un-obtrusive one is most favourable as this reduces discomfort during bathing. More importantly, be sure the non-slip base is provided along the full length of the base. Some bath suppliers only provide this at the shower end of the bath and then presume that the customer will never step into a bath from anywhere but that point.


Venturis are the means and control by which air is introduced into the water and on its return to the spa. Normal aeration is via one venturi, However, some bath manufacturers have recognised the more air mixed into the water, the more bubbles are produced and the more satisfying the massage effect. Always look for a spa with two venturis if it has six or more Jets. It is important to also ensure a silent venturi system is used. Some baths draw the air from the top of the venturi. This can result in a very noisy bath.


Jets are the carriers of water back from the pump into the spa. They should look good and not be too bulky in the bath. Some manufacturers make a spa bath look like a commercial pool with large bulky jets that do no more than the well designed finished jets readily available. Jets should have full control at the jet face. You should be able to turn each jet on and off to to suite your needs. Eyeballs (the centre of the jet) should be fully directional. Jets should also be served by an individual, direct air injection system. Each jet should have its own separate air supply. If jets are all connected to the same air supply line a diminishing of pressure will result in less air bubbles. Always ask for "direct air injection" jets. These are the latest technology in spa jet design and provide a much superior massage.


The suction is designed to carry water from the bath to the pump. Normally placed as low as possible in the spa to ensure working conditions with minimal water. Suctions should always be designed to sit proud of the bath surface. This ensures minimum chance of body entrapment. One suction is sufficient for all baths as water is carried by one 40mm line to the pump. More than one suction serves no useful purpose and only clutters the bath and reduces the available bather space.

Air Switch

An air switch is the startup and shutdown mechanism for the pump. It operates like a small plunger that created air pressure in a tube and throws a sensor switch installed in the pump. A simple mechanism, it allows the user to control electricity while being totally isolated from the source.

Electronic Controls

Controls are available for installation on the bath that electronically turn the pump on and off at the same time allowing you to control the use of heating elements installed in the pump. Rather than have a preset thermostat installed in the pump which controls the temperature between 37 and 42 degrees, electronic controls enable users to select the bath temperature that is just right for them. Always choose a system that is not complicated - the more complications, the more problems. A single on - off button is all that is needed - it looks good and acts best.

Check List

Before you purchase your spa, safeguard your investment, ask your retailer the following questions.

  1. Is the product imported from Overseas?

  2. Should the product fail who will cover the cost of repair or replacement, will it be the local retailer or the overseas manufacturer?

  3. Is the product manufactured to Australian Standard Requirements?

  4. Does the product carry Watermark Approval?

  5. Are the jets fully adjustable?

  6. If a six or seven jet spa, are two venturi controls provided. (To provide a superior massage).

  7. Are the suction and return outlets positioned to facilitate trouble free installation?

  8. Does the product have a full non slip base?

  9. Is the product made from sanitary grade acrylic?

  10. Is the pump/jet system designed to achieve maximum massage effect at the jet face.

  11. Are the jets "Direct Air Injection" technology?

Standards | Spa Materials | Spa Bath Features | Spa Bath Systems | Pumps & Installation
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