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Dining Room

The dining room should be large enough to accommodate a table suitable for the number of guests you normally entertain. The proximity of the dining room to the kitchen is another planning consideration for ease of entertaining.

Meals Area

A separate informal meals area beside the kitchen, and adjoining the family room, is an excellent addition to informal dining.

Family Room

The family room should adjoin the kitchen and meals area, and be large enough for present and future needs. The family room in Australia is fast becoming the most important room in the home. It also allows the family to remain in contact with each other, both before and after meals. It allows the parents to supervise their children and still enjoy family life and each other's company.

The room should also have a clear view of external play areas so that supervision of children is easily maintained. It is preferable if winter sun can enter the family room, as it provides a comfortable and pleasant environment for both adults and children. Being informal, it also provides for children's play and television entertainment.

Rumpus Room

This is best adjacent to the family room and preferably with double doors so that it can be opened on to the family room to provide a large entertainment area for parties or other family functions.

This room should also be large enough to accommodate either a TV, lounge, bar area, or perhaps even a billiard table.

The rumpus room is ideal for teenagers as they can entertain friends or play their music without disturbing the rest of the household. A rumpus room can also double as guest accommodation. Access to a powder room, especially if it has a shower, is convenient for their overnight stay.

Games Room

As the name implies, this is the perfect room for the billiard table.

This room is a luxury, as unlike the rumpus room it is not used nearly as often. However, for those who can afford it, it does provide the opportunity for an additional entertainment area.

Powder Room

In two storey homes, a powder room or toilet and basin are essential for the ground floor. It should be positioned so that access is convenient from the informal areas, i.e. family, meals and kitchen, and the formal areas, especially the dining room. The powder room is best positioned out of sight from the dining room, and far enough away to hide the noise of a flushing toilet.


Ample linen closets and other storage areas are essential to any home. You can't keep everything in the garage. Linen cupboards should have at least four shelves, and should be provided on each floor level. Storage in the laundry is essential, preferably in overhead cupboards to keep detergents and poisons away from children. A bench in the laundry is convenient and handy for sorting clothes before or after washing.


The garage, whether single, double or triple, should have covered entry into the home either directly or via a verandah.

Direct entry should be secure as it is a preferred entry for thieves. A remote control garage door is harder for a thief to open than any other.

The garage should be large enough to allow for storage, especially for lawn mowers, whipper snippers, paints, bikes, tools and perhaps even a small workbench. This storage is best kept at the end of the garage and not the sides, so it doesn't interfere with opening the car door.

Family Pets

If you have a dog or cat, a covered verandah adjoining the family room or laundry is excellent for providing refuge for your pets during inclement weather or hot sunny days.

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