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This simply means that the oven has more than one function, in fact, all of the functions you will require to suit your cooking needs.

These functions vary between models. The oven shelves are numbered 1-5 and are counted from the base of the oven. This positioning is only a guide for fan forced cooking.

  • Defrosting Foods.

    By using the fan only option foods can be defrosted safely and hygienically in a fraction of the time it takes to defrost foods using the refrigerator (in fact only one tenth of the time) and unlike microwaves, it will not accidentally precook foods.

  • Base Heat

    Where the element heats from beneath the floor of the oven and a small amount from the top element. This style of cooking is recommended for 1 tray of pastries, 1 large pizza, etc. Remember never place food articles or trays on the base of the oven when using this cooking mode.

  • Fan Assisted Ovens

    Fan Assisted cooking - Means that the heat source is at the base of the oven, hot air rises and is evenly distributed by the fan, located at the back of the oven. The benefit is that the entire oven area has a constant temperature.

    Foods can be placed in any position within the oven cavity without fear of bottom burning or too much top browning. Prepare a whole meal at the . one time, or, just imagine you can take three trays of biscuits at the one time - a great time saving benefits.

  • Fan Forced Cooking

    An electric fan is positioned at the back of the oven and is surrounded by the heating element. The air inside the oven is circulated by the fan. This air flow surrounds the food, and seals the food surface. Keeping the food moist, and keeping in the flavour and any odours. The result is succulent roasts and crisp light pastries.

    Some electric models have two fan speeds - high or low. High speed is used for the majority of cooking requirements. Low speed is the equivalent to no fan and this is ideal for baking one time eg. rich fruit cakes, casseroles and large pavlovas.

  • General guidelines for Fan Forced Cooking

    Any easy guideline to follow when using a fan forced oven is to slightly reduce the recommended temperature by 10C and select the shortest cooking time the recipe suggests. Pre heat the oven (with the fan on) for foods with a shorter cooking time, this means any foods that cook for less than an hour. For roast meat and poultry, preheating is not necessary. Roasting times will be approx 20% less than a conventional oven, if temperatures are not reduced. Do not reduce temperatures for small roasts or unstuffed poultry.

Oven Timers

  1. The 60 minute timer will ring when the set time is finished.

  2. Both the 90 minute and 2 hour semi-automatic cut-off timers can be set to switch your oven off automatically.

  3. Auto cut off minder. The 10 hour semi-automatic electronic timer has two functions. It can turn your oven off automatically up to 10 hours after programming and the clock can be used as a minute minder to ring when the set time is finished.

  4. Fully programmable cooking allows you to preset the entire cooking cycle. The oven can be set to switch itself on and off, and food can be kept warm if you're running late. This is all done automatically.


The smooth enamel baked at the highest temperatures will be the easiest to clean. Pyrolytic cleaning ovens and catalytic liners are also available but attention to care instruction is important for best efficiency of operation.

Ask about the cleaning features of ovens, they are many and varied from removable grill reflector plates, to lift-up hobs on upright ovens and easy clean black enamel gas burner rings. Look for these features they will make a huge difference in maintaining the appearance of your new purchase.

Safety Features to look for:-

  1. Check for smooth finish to the appliance - no sharp corners or sharp metal edges.

  2. Avoid accidents by ensuring the racks don't drop down when pulled forward and that they have rear stoppers to prevent them sliding straight out.

  3. All ceramic glass cooktops must have four safety HOT surface indicator lights.

Ask the Manufacturer or Retailer for any general or technical information regarding the appliance of your choice. Today's appliance buyers are discerning and their enquiries are welcomed.

Also consider the warranty conditions and the Service and Spare Parts availability.

Ovens | Cooktops | Dishwashers | Refrigerators
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