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  1. Simmer Burner to the Super high burner

    Incredibly versatile, these burners offer a wide selection of heat settings. Choose from as low as 1Mj on the simmer burner, to the intense heat of 11Mj on the super high burner. They're extremely stylish and efficient, and the high quality enamel finish means they look good, are easy to clean and resist discolouration.

  2. Multifunction Wok Burner

    Multifunction Wok Burner has responded to Australia's changing lifestyle by adding the convenience of a Wok Burner to its range of cooktops. Multifunction Wok Burners add greater versatility to your cooking. They also offer a choice of control options to meet your needs, giving you the flexibility to choose the inner burner for slow simmering, or inner and outer burner for high energy cooking.

    Sizing of cooktop ranges from square to rectangular and from approx. 600mm wide to 900mm wide.

    The 15Mj Multifunction Wok Burner is just as flexible. It allows you to use all three burner rings for full even heat - perfect for stir frying. Or use the two outer rings for medium heat, or the centre ring only for extra low simmering.

  3. Ignition Systems

    Three ignition types are available. Electronic re-ignition automatically lights burners at the turn of a knob,. ensuring there's always a flame burning when the gas is on, so if the flame is blown out, it is re-ignited. Battery ignition uses a 9 volt long life battery to produce a continuous spark to all burners. Electronic ignition produces a continuous spark to all burners using mains power.

  4. Flame Failure Device

    A flame sensor on each burner ensures that if the flame is accidentally extinguished, the gas shuts off automatically.


Choose from ceramic, glass and enamel surfaces. There is also a choice of elements, including ribbon elements, Duotube elements and the unique SUPA-FAST solid elements.


  1. Radiant Coil.

    Australia's most popular high efficiency plug-in radiant element, with easy to clean, removable spill bowls and trim rings.

  2. Duotube.

    Fast heating element with good general cooking control. Swivel Mounted for easy cleaning access.

  3. Supa - Fast

    The Supa-Fast element provides 17 to 20% faster boil time than conventional solid hotplates and is up to 11% more energy efficient and its sintered metal composition means it's corrosion resistant.

  4. Ribbon.

    Fast, 3 second light-up time. Offers greater energy efficiency and more durability than conventional elements.

  5. Dual Ribbon.

    Two elements in one, saves energy because you can select the inner area of the element for smaller pots and pans, or the entire area for larger pots.

  6. Haloring.

    Designed to last a lifetime, the halogen Haloring elements glow red instantly, making them ideal for fast cooking over shorter periods.

Ovens | Cooktops | Dishwashers | Refrigerators
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