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Garden Wall Systems | Colorbond | Timber Paling
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COLORBOND Steel Fencing

The perfect complement to any home is a COLORBOND steel fence. A COLORBOND steel fence looks great from both sides and comes in a wide selection of colours to suit any neighbourhood and any style of home. Because it is double sided, there is no question of who gets the "good" side and who gets the rails - a COLORBOND steel fence keeps everyone happy. By choosing different colour combinations for panels and posts, it can be anything from a discreet bushland boundary to an elegant heritage styling touch.

Whether the colours are chosen to blend in with the vegetation or to make a fashion statement of their own, the fence will look as good in 10 years as it did the day it was built.

An occasional hose down is all it takes to preserve the good looks of a COLORBOND steel fence. Securely set in concrete, it is straight, true and strong. Because it cannot easily be scaled, it keeps unwanted intruders out and children safely in, and its smooth finish means little hands are safe from splinters and cuts. A COLORBOND steel fence is also quick, cheap and easy to repair: in the unlikely event of a panel being damaged, all it takes is a few minutes and a replacement panel.

Insert bottom rail between posts to determine exact locations of next post. Do not screw fix the rails at this stage. Continue this procedure until fence length is achieved. Allow the concrete to cure 24 hours and then fix the bottom rail with self drilling screws.

Additional Information - Sloping or uneven sites

It is highly recommended that you invest a small amount of extra effort to rake your fence on sloping or uneven ground rather than stepping the panels. It achieves a better overall appearance as well as providing a stronger fence.

Uneven sites

Vertical slitting of sheets may be required if slope is greater than 1 in 8. This may reduce the three sheet coverage to a point where one of the sheets may require vertical slitting. The top rail angles can be adjusted to create a smoother angle if desired. Note that the post height required will increase, so allow for this when fixing the posts in the ground.

The prefered method of cutting sheets, is to use a nibbler or slot shear. If angle grinders or drop saws are to be used, extra care should be taken to ensure all swarf is cleaned off the sheeting.

Before you start. Read this first.

  • Describe your site details when ordering materials (see "Site Details" section below)

  • Identify the soil type for your fence site. Refer to the Table in Step 1. This will determine the concrete required for the job.

  • Make sure you know the whereabouts of underground electricity, gas or water mains before you begin digging.

  • Check your local council regulations on boundary fencing.

  • Ensure you read through this guide completely before you begin to ensure you fully understand the installation process.

  • Check the delivered material for the correct number of components and general condition.

Fences manufactured from COLORBOND pre-painted steel are an integral structure consisting of posts, rails and infill sheets. It is critical that the steps marked with this symbol are adhered to for overall strength and durability. These critical factors are:

  • The correct number, type and positioning of the self-drilling screws which join the posts together.

  • Adequate fully mixed concrete is used to secure fastening of post and rails on both sides of top and bottom rails.

  • Secure fastening of posts and rails on both sides of top and bottom rails.

Equipment requirements


    • Screw Gun or Power Drill (must have torque adjustment)
    • Spirit Level or Magnetic Level
    • Rubber Mallet
    • String Line & Marker Pegs
    • Shovel and/or Spade

    Personal Protective Equipment*

    • Safety Glasses
    • Protective Gloves
    • Ear Muffs (if cutting required)
    • Overalls (if cutting required)

    Optional Equipment*

    • Nibbler (if cutting required)
    • Tin Snips (if cutting required)
    • Concrete Mixer
    • Post Hole Digger

*(Most pieces of equipment are available for hire at tool hire centres.)

Site Details

COLORBOND steel fencing is designed to withstand most wind conditions. The wind on the fence at your site will depend on a number of factors, including where you live (see question b) and the number of surrounding properties (see question a). These details will help your COLORBOND steel fence distributor tailor a design that's best for you. If in close proximity to severe marine conditions or bounding swimming pools please seek specific advice from your distributor.

What does your property look like? Choose the site that best resembles your area.

Typically having numerous closely spaced obstructions, such as houses or developed trees. These areas may have roads and canals less than 200m wide and opens spaces less then 250,000 sqm.

Example: Typical suburban housing development which may include parks or lakes.


Example: Fronting open areas unlikely to be developed in the next two years.

Typically has few trees and isolated obstructions.

Garden Wall Systems | Colorbond | Timber Paling
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