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Instead of looking around for a block of land in the area you want and then finding a home design that suits your needs you can have it all done for you,with home and land put together as a package.

The way it works is the builder buys a large parcel of land in a variety of areas and then designs homes to suit the land. This means there is normally a variety of facades and house types to create a good look to the overall estate.

Many builders have display homes to demonstrate how the home will look when completed. If there is no display home you can usually look at floor plans showing the accommodation and living features of the home.

In some cases builders have home and land packages ready to move in so you can inspect them straight away.

If you go to the display villages the builders will often have a list of their home and land packages.

With a home and land package you don't have to go through the building process. Generally what you see is what you get.

Check the inclusions carefully.

These days most home and land packages include floor coverings and tiles, landscaping as well as driveways and pathways. Some builders even include a letterbox and a clothes line!

Ask the builder for a list of the items included as this can help save money on the purchase of a home.

So really all you have to do is pay a deposit and you are on your way to owning a home.

If you haven't organised your own finance ask the builder if they have competitive finance available. If you are not sure which is the best deal, get some advice.

You should draw up a budget and make provision for stamp duty, legal fees and any other charges such loan application fees.

Ask the builder if there are any special deals on top of the normal inclusions. You might be surprised what you can add to the benefits.

So let's look at the main points to consider when buying a home and land package.

  1. Consider the home and land package option instead of buying the land and choosing a home design to build on it.

  2. Go to display villages and display homes to find out where home and land packages are available and the prices.

  3. Ask the builders if they arrange home finance and then compare the offer carefully with other home finance.

  4. Make up a budget and include stamp duty and legal fees and any other charges.

  5. Take a note of the inclusions each builder offers and compare them for the best all round deal.

  6. Ask if there are any special deals on offer.

  7. Take your time and keep notes of all the home and land package details.

  8. Don't forget to consider the services you will need such as transport, shopping centres, schools and medical facilities.

You are embarking on an exciting journey – enjoy it.

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