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How can you ensure the best possible TV reception in your home? The answer is simple: what's in the box makes a world of difference to what's on the box.

If your new antenna comes in anything but the distinctive Digimatch box, you'll be settling for second best. Your TV signal quality is at its strongest at the antenna.

To ensure the highest quality reception, the best place to start is at the antenna.

It's time to get digital

Digital television brings a new world of television entertainment to your home. As long as your television reception system is 'Digital ready' and with a Digital Set Top box you will be provided with:

  • An increased number of channels
  • Different camera angles of the same picture
  • Electronic program guides
  • Sharper, clearer pictures with no ghosting or interference
  • Iimproved sound quality

Signal quality impacts both the quality of your TV picture and sound, so choosing the best antenna is absolutely vital

The Digimatch Antenna range caters for all metropolitan and regional areas. Designed and developed by Matchmaster in conjunction with engineers in both Europe and Australia, Digimatch provides superior performance on the existing analogue channels and brilliant pictures with Digital transmission

The unique design of the "Digital Anti-Reflection Matching System" (DMS) electronically couples the VHF and UHF sections of the antenna together to achieve maximum performance and superior picture clarity

Digimatch is Australian Made under the ISO Quality Assurance system for Australian conditions

  • You're protected by a 12-month Digital Ready' manufacturer's warranty
  • Digimatch antennas incorporate heavy duty engineering and withstand damage from bird life
  • Black ABS UV resistant plastic providing a long life outdoors
  • Stainless steel connection points to withstand the affects of corrosion from coastal areas

Cable - the critical link

While the antenna is the most important component in your TV reception, the cable is the pathway your signal follows to your TV and plays a vital role. It must be shielded against unwanted electrical interference from household appliances, low voltage down lights or electrical motors that cause annoying imperfections to the quality of your analogue picture or cause complete picture loss on digital television.

With the convergence of Internet, Pay TV, Digital TV services and Home Theatre, it is essential that the cables to your home or building are future proofed.

Digimatch Quadshield Cable for optimum TV reception

  • Meets the new Australian stringent digital specification
  • Is suitable for analogue and digital installations
  • Is approved for use by Pay TV operators in Australia

TV reception accessories

Matchmaster offers a range of Digimatch accessories that meet the standard for digital TV in Australia. These include signal splitters, outlet plates and connectors. All components are 'F' type in design which ensures the best picture clarity on analogue and brilliant pictures on digital. Matchmaster have also recently introduced our new Home Theatre range.

Genuine Digimatch Flyleads to protect your system

The flylead, the link between the wall socket and the TV, is another critical component in TV reception.

The flylead is exposed to electrical interference from sources such as phones and computers and therefore must also be highly shielded.
A Digimatch Quadshield flylead ensures your system has maximum protection.

Digimatch & Johansson Amplifiers for good quality pictures from weak signals

If you live in a poor signal strength area or are running multiple outlets throughout your home or building, a Digimatch or Johansson fully screened Amplifier will boost your signal strength. To ensure your system will give superior picture quality on both analogue and digital ask your contractor to provide you with the measurements and guarantee that the system meets the required digital specifications outlined by Digital Broadcasting Australia.

Branches across Australia and New Zealand

Head Office: 48-50 Belmore Road, Punchbowl NSW 2196.

Brisbane - Townsville - Northern NSW - ACT - Victoria - Northern Territory South Australia - Western Australia - Tasmania


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