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Living Areas
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The Living Areas in your house are for exactly that, living! When you are designing these rooms you should be thinking about:

The practical nature of the rooms

  • What kind of materials are best for the floor, walls and ceiling surfaces?

  • How will you need to move about in the rooms?

  • Storage spaces (high or low, deep or shallow)

  • Where will natural light be coming from?

  • Can you see easily from one space to another?

Aesthetic pleasures, as these are the places in which you'll spend the most time.

  • What special features will there be?

  • Do you want a feature wall or piece?

  • Hanging space for your favourite photos or paintings.

  • Views from windows or large glazed doors.

  • Any artificial lighting features such as coloured wall lamps.

Room by room there are more specific things to keep in mind.

Living Room

This is traditionally a more formal area, but today it is becoming smaller and less important than the family room.

The living room is generally used for evening entertainment and therefore obtaining a view from this area might be less important than that of the family, meals or kitchen areas.

Dining Room

The dining room should be large enough to accommodate a table suitable for the number of guests you normally entertain. The proximity of the dining room to the kitchen is a planning consideration based on the nature of your layout (open or traditional). Remember that you will need to carry food and hot plates from the kitchen so distance and floor surfaces are important.

Meals Area

A separate informal meals area or 'eat in kitchen area' adjoining the family room and cooking area, is an excellent addition if you are a family with young children or a couple wanting only a small space to eat in.

The family room should adjoin the kitchen and meals area, and be large enough for present and future needs.

Family Room

The family room in Australia is fast becoming the most important room in the home. It also allows the family to remain in contact with each other, both before and after meals. It allows the parents to supervise their children and still enjoy family life and each other's company.

If you are a family with children, the room should also have a clear view of external play areas so that supervision of children is easily maintained. It is preferable if winter sun can enter the family room, as it provides a comfortable and pleasant environment for both adults and children. Being informal, it also provides for children's play and television entertainment.

Living Areas
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