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Hebel Block Wall Systems are the ideal alternative to double brick, giving you an extremely solid construction with exceptional acoustic and thermal insulation properties to provide a more comfortable, energy efficient home.
When combined with Hebel Floor Panel Systems, you can completely eliminate the need for timber or steel framing in walls and floors.

Fire & Pest Resistant

Solid Hebel Block walls are very practical, even in high bushfire or termite prone areas as they eliminate the need for any timber wall framing, thereby eliminating much of the fuel for a fire and food for termites.

A Hebel Block For Every Wall

You'll need to discuss your options with your building designer but generally, external loadbearing walls (walls that support the roof and/or upper storey weight) use a single skin of 200mm Hebel Blocks, internal walls use a single skin of 100-125mm Hebel Blocks or 150mm thickness for loadbearing walls.

As Hebel Blocks are non-combustible, they are an also the perfect solution for fireplaces, chimneys and even barbeques!

A Solid Home

Solid masonry construction has long been regarded as the 'pinnacle' of home construction methods. With Hebel Block Wall Systems, you can extend or renovate an existing home, or build a brand new dream home that easily surpasses the traditional benchmarks for solid masonry construction.

Choosing to build with Hebel Block Wall Syastems can substantially improve the comfort and living qualities of your home, reduce your energy costs, improve your sound insulation properties, and maximise the value of the best investment you will ever own, your very own, 'solid masonry' home.


No other product offers you such complete comfort whilst minimising environmental impact. Hebel requires considerably less raw materials and resources than the production of other masonry products, it consumes a small fraction of the energy, produces no toxic gases and creates almost no waste substances.

By choosing Hebel Block Wall Systems you can create a safe, comfortable and energy saving environment within your home and be comfortable knowing that your choice has minimised the impact on our living environment.
Energy Saving

The unique thermal properties of Hebel result in a more stable inside temperature, reducing the energy required to heat and cool your home, and thereby can reduce your energy bills. Hebel Block Wall Systems are so efficient that you can choose to include walls that are up to three-and-a-half times more thermally efficient than brick veneer or even double brick construction. Now that's impressive!

Solid Silence

We all cherish our privacy and Hebel can offer a lot of help with creating your private haven. You can significantly reduce the noise from room-to-room and even cater for special facilities such as a home theatre. When installed in appropriately designed systems, Hebel has proven to be a very effective noise barrier. To find the best acoustic solutions for your home using Hebel, please discuss your plans with your building designer.

A Solid Future

Although Hebel is lightweight , just 25% the weight of conventional concrete, it remains solid and strong. Your home will always provide the reassuring and quality feel of solid masonry walls. Hebel Autoclaved Aerated Concrete products also provide long-term durability. Structures which have been correctly installed, finished and maintained have proven their performance throughout Europe for more than 50 years. Today's premium quality coating systems also provide unique character, unlimited design freedom and long-term beauty.

Design Freedom

Hebel Blocks Wall Systems are the product of choice for many Australian designers and architects, and have been the primary feature of many award winning designs. Hebel Block Wall Systems provide absolute freedom to design and build your ultimate dream home without compromise!

Being solid yet lightweight and easy to work, Hebel Blocks also lend themselves perfectly to many other applications within a home design, such as stairways and feature walls.
A Solid Investment

By choosing Hebel Block Wall Systems for your home, you are choosing to build a premium quality home using a premium quality construction system. You can also feel secure knowing that Hebel is manufactured and backed throughout Australia by CSR. A quality home built with Hebel Block Wall Systems will give you years of enjoyment and pleasure. When you've finished comparing alternative materials for your home, we're sure you'll agree, it's hard to ignore the advantages of Hebel Block Wall Systems!

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