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Sydney Wine Competition 09:20  
One of the main aims of the Competition is to offer consumers independent information to help in their choice of wines more likely to enhance the pleasures of the daily dining experience and, by so doing, to add enjoyment and contentment to their everyday lives. This is the main service the Competition offers. View Video ... >
Winesave 4:18  
winesaveTM keeps opened wine at its peak for weeks after it has first been opened. Oxidation and the resulting spoilage of opened wine is now a thing of the past. View Video ... >
Oakfield Estate 02:38  
Belinda Moon speaks to Michael Hatcher about the lifestyle she now enjoys living at Oakfield, an historic homestead in Mudgee NSW. Belinda talks about her passion for the garden and the history that surrounds her including some life-size sculptures made by her late father Tom Bass. View Video ... >
Oakfield Olives 05:52  
Rebecca Sutton talks to owner Belinda Moon about the types of olives and olive oil being produced at Oakfield, some of the techniques used in production and the difference between these boutique produced olives and the types of olives found in your local supermarket. View Video ... >
Hungerford Hill Winery 07:05  
A Hunter Valley icon for several generations of Australian wine drinkers since its founding in the 70's.Under the ownership of the Kirby family and with Michael Hatcher as chief winemaker, Hungerford Hill embraces state-of-the-art wine making blended with history, talent and experience. View Video ... >
Bangers & Mash 10:43  
Rebecca takes a gourmet approach to the way she cooks bangers & mash. Using free range pork sausages wrapped in streaky bacon Rebecca demonstrates her recipe of baking the sausages & serving with onion jam made with porter beer served on a bed of freshly sautéed rocket & fluffy mashed potato with kalamata olives. View Video ... >
Robert Stein Winery 04:04  
Stein's Wines and the Robert Stein Vineyard trace the family history to the earliest days of Australia's pioneers. Brought out from Germany by the Macarthur family (of sheep-breeding fame) in 1838, Johann Stein carried with him the first cuttings of Rhine Riesling to survive in Australia. Under his supervision the Camden Park vineyard flourished as one of the earliest wineries in Australia. Later, his brother Jacob established his own vineyard called "Sandal Farm" on Prospect Creek near Carramar, in Sydney's South-West. View Video ... >
Pieter Van Gent's Fortified Wines 01:39  
The van Gent family tree can be traced back to 1790 and reveals a family of distillers and winemakers. It was Johannes Hermanus van Gent (1817 to 1859) ship owner, merchant, distiller of spirits, member of the Municipal Council, Chamber of Commerce and world traveller. View Video ... >
Italian Varieties - with Food 03:00  
Rob Fairall, owner of di Lusso Estate, takes the viewer through his philosophy of matching food with Italian varietal wine. Di Lusso's wines are filmed in the best possible setting - under the di Lusso estate winery pergola overlooking the vineyard, with each wine featured alongside the chosen food match, prepared in the winery's restaurant kitchen. View Video ... >
DiLusso Estate 03:59  
From the di Lusso cellar door on the northern outskirts of Mudgee, all of the wines, olive oil and figs are available for tasting seven days a week. The winery and Cellar Door in Mudgee is a popular venue for weddings, anniversaries and corporate functions. Guests are now enjoying the house-prepared aperitif on the patio overlooking Lago di Lusso, then proceeding to an Italian banquet in the Winery among the wine barrels. View Video ... >
The Judges - Sydney Wine Competition 06:29  
This will be Kym's 10th appearance on our Panel, and fifth as Chief Judge and Chairman of Judges. Australian by birth and education, Roseworthy Graduate and Master of Wine, Kym first made his mark as Chief Winemaker for Villa Maria Estate in New Zealand . View Video ... >
The Cellar Door 05:00  
Get the most out of your Cellar Door visit. As you enter the tasting room head for the tasting bar. A host will greet you and get you started with wine glasses and explain what wines are available for tasting and if there are any tasting fees. View Video ... >
Russell Cody Interview 07:55  
Michael Hatcher speaks to McWilliams senior winemaker Russell Cody about Shiraz, the type of regions that it is produced from in Australia and the characteristics that makes our Shiraz stand out from similar styles grown in other parts of the world. View Video ... >

Fortified Wines

Migrating to Australia

The van Gent family tree can be traced back to 1790 and reveals a family of distillers and winemakers.

It was Johannes Hermanus van Gent (1817 to 1859) ship owner, merchant, distiller of spirits, member of the Municipal Council, Chamber of Commerce and world traveller who influenced a long line of van Gents. He imported into Holland the grains which were sold to distillers and had some 15 sailing ships in service. He died on the way back from the Holy Land and was buried in Schiedam, Holland in 1859. 80 years later, Pieter was born in Doetinchem, Holland.

In 1958, Pieter entered the employ of exclusive wine importer owned by Robbers en van den hoogen. One of the owner's sons was the Cellar Master who was conscripted into the army and Pieter took over his job. It was mainly French wines from the top chateaus, imported in bulk, and then aged in casks in the van den underground cellars. The wines were blended where necessary and bottled. Years later there came a law that the wines had to be bottled at the chateaus.

During this employment Pieter studied and gained a Diploma of professional skill for Retail in Strong Alcohol, Weak Alcohol and Alcohol free drinks and learned about all types of wine in France such as Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Alsace, Sauternes, Champagne, German Rhine's, Spanish Sherries, Portuguese Ports, Italian red wines and Hungarian Tokays.

In 1959 Pieter attended the wedding of his cousin Jacques van Gent in Schiedam. Jacques, had a brother Hans living in Australia and it was Jacques who said to ieter, "why don't you go to Australia, there is wine there."

Four months later Pieter arrived in Australia.

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