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High Valley Wine & Cheese Co. 03:56  
It was a big gamble for the couple to move into grape-growing and the burgeoning wine industry, after operating their sheep, cattle and cropping property, "Berowra", for many years. Since the initial planting of their 22 hectare vineyard in 1995, Ro and Grosvenor Francis established their own label. View Video ... >
DiLusso Estate 03:59  
From the di Lusso cellar door on the northern outskirts of Mudgee, all of the wines, olive oil and figs are available for tasting seven days a week. The winery and Cellar Door in Mudgee is a popular venue for weddings, anniversaries and corporate functions. Guests are now enjoying the house-prepared aperitif on the patio overlooking Lago di Lusso, then proceeding to an Italian banquet in the Winery among the wine barrels. View Video ... >
Robert Stein Winery 04:04  
Stein's Wines and the Robert Stein Vineyard trace the family history to the earliest days of Australia's pioneers. Brought out from Germany by the Macarthur family (of sheep-breeding fame) in 1838, Johann Stein carried with him the first cuttings of Rhine Riesling to survive in Australia. Under his supervision the Camden Park vineyard flourished as one of the earliest wineries in Australia. Later, his brother Jacob established his own vineyard called "Sandal Farm" on Prospect Creek near Carramar, in Sydney's South-West. View Video ... >
Italian Varieties - with Food 03:00  
Rob Fairall, owner of di Lusso Estate, takes the viewer through his philosophy of matching food with Italian varietal wine. Di Lusso's wines are filmed in the best possible setting - under the di Lusso estate winery pergola overlooking the vineyard, with each wine featured alongside the chosen food match, prepared in the winery's restaurant kitchen. View Video ... >
Pieter Van Gent's Pipeclay Vermouth 02:13  
An Italian style Vermouth. A magic potion of herbs and spices that is an ideal unwinder over ice. There are two categories of Vermouth. French Vermouth (white and dry) and Italian Vermouth (Bianco and Rosso - both sweet). The former is a vital ingredient of Bond's Dry Martini, while it is the latter, the Rosso, which we make. View Video ... >
Pieter Van Gent's Muller Thurgau 01:10  
This grape variety was developed in the 1880's when Swiss botanist Hermann Muller from the Thurgau province crossed Riesling and Madeleine Royale. By restricting yields we have been able to produce an aromatic and minerally wine revealing quince and embracing a vibrant crisp dry finish. View Video ... >
Robert Stein Shiraz 02:09  
The Mudgee Valley is best known for its big and earthy reds ; with Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon being the Benchmark varieties. Shiraz Viognier is a fairly recent acquisition to the range, with the first wine being released in 2008. With co-fermentation of Viognier skins and Shiraz berries, the extraction of aromatics, colour and flavour profile makes for a wonderful resulting wine for their premium range. View Video ... >
Pieter Vant Gent's Durif 01:26  
The Durif grape variety originates in the south of France and dates back to the late 19th century. It is also referred to as Petite Sirah. Now it is nestled between two creeks in our Mudgee vineyards where it produces wines of intense colour with rich flavours to match. View Video ... >
DiLusso - Italian Varieties 04:00  
The classic red varieties Sangiovese, Barbera and Nebbiolo that are renowned for their food friendliness, and the unique dessert wines such as Aleatico and Picolit, and Passito, the Estate's vin santo style wine Although Italian varieties have a long history - over 130 years - in Australia, it's only really in the last ten years that their reputation for delivering lighter bodied, savoury food-friendly flavours has led to an explosion in popularity around the country. View Video ... >
Pieter Van Gent Chardonnay 01:16  
Of historic importance to the Australian wine industry is the import of the Chardonnay grape from France and how this grape made its way to the Craigmoor Winery in Mudgee. View Video ... >
Robert Stein Motor Cycle Museum 03:47  
The Robert Stein Vintage Motorbike collection can be viewed when you are visiting the winery, it's great way to break up your winery visits. Not only do we have an excellent collection of motorcycles, we also have some rare motorcycle collectables and photographs on display. View Video ... >
Pieter Van Gent's Fortified Wines 01:39  
The van Gent family tree can be traced back to 1790 and reveals a family of distillers and winemakers. It was Johannes Hermanus van Gent (1817 to 1859) ship owner, merchant, distiller of spirits, member of the Municipal Council, Chamber of Commerce and world traveller. View Video ... >
High Valley Fetta 00:39  
High Valley Fetta produce four different marinated fettas from soft, lactic curd cow's milk fetta. By making fetta at a lower temperature than usual you slow the process and allow the cheese to develop a much smoother and softer texture as well as a much more complex flavour profile. Teamed with great Cudgegong Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil our marinated fettas can stand alone on a cracker or toasted ciabatta or they make a great pasta sauce or pizza topping. View Video ... >

Fortified Wines

Migrating to Australia

The van Gent family tree can be traced back to 1790 and reveals a family of distillers and winemakers.

It was Johannes Hermanus van Gent (1817 to 1859) ship owner, merchant, distiller of spirits, member of the Municipal Council, Chamber of Commerce and world traveller who influenced a long line of van Gents. He imported into Holland the grains which were sold to distillers and had some 15 sailing ships in service. He died on the way back from the Holy Land and was buried in Schiedam, Holland in 1859. 80 years later, Pieter was born in Doetinchem, Holland.

In 1958, Pieter entered the employ of exclusive wine importer owned by Robbers en van den hoogen. One of the owner's sons was the Cellar Master who was conscripted into the army and Pieter took over his job. It was mainly French wines from the top chateaus, imported in bulk, and then aged in casks in the van den underground cellars. The wines were blended where necessary and bottled. Years later there came a law that the wines had to be bottled at the chateaus.

During this employment Pieter studied and gained a Diploma of professional skill for Retail in Strong Alcohol, Weak Alcohol and Alcohol free drinks and learned about all types of wine in France such as Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Alsace, Sauternes, Champagne, German Rhine's, Spanish Sherries, Portuguese Ports, Italian red wines and Hungarian Tokays.

In 1959 Pieter attended the wedding of his cousin Jacques van Gent in Schiedam. Jacques, had a brother Hans living in Australia and it was Jacques who said to ieter, "why don't you go to Australia, there is wine there."

Four months later Pieter arrived in Australia.

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