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Michael Hatcher

Michael has been chief winemaker for Hungerford Hill since October 2007 and has great knowledge of the terroir of the Tumbarumba and Hilltops regions. During his time he has participated in wine show judging across Australia.

Michael’s career started at the Charles Stuart University Winery, followed by positions at Bidgeebong Wines and Australian Wine Selectors, and he gained exposure to old-world winemaking practices with a vintage at Herade do Esporao in Portugal.

An innovative and exploratory winemaker, Michael searches for new regions and winemaking techniques to fulfill his passion for creating unforgettable wines. By working with growers and viticulturalists who share his passion, Michael is able to craft extraordinary wines that arouse the senses.

Michael understands Chardonnay, it’s in his soul. He views Chardonnay as amongst the greatest varieties in the world and this respect is why his wines are adored both here and internationally.
Rebecca Sutton

Experienced with food from a grass roots level as an agronomist, Rebecca Sutton initially started her career with a Bachelor of Rural Science and now owns her own Catering business Olive.A.Twist .

Cooking has always been her preferred vocation ... in between the ‘farmer’ bits and the travelling.

On completing her sommelier studies, hands on experience was gained over successive vintages with Lowe Family Wines in Mudgee. This has lead to wine judging both on a local and state level.

Whether it be writing, marketing, constructing menus or in fact eating, Rebecca is about quality, fresh produce and supporting those who own this ethos.

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Discover the wonderful world of food and wine ....

Foody & the Winemaker is hosted by food scientist Rebecca Sutton and Hunter Valley winemaker Michael Hatcher  who bring food & wine together in demonstration and discussion, using their skills and knowledge alongside that of their highly respected guests.

The series is set around some of Australia's most famous wine growing regions and also takes the viewer on a journey of discovery to some of our lesser-known regions that are rich in wine-growing tradition.

"It's all about demystifying food and wine and their relationship." says Rebecca.  

" It also gives us the opportunity to showcase the many great stories of our winemakers and wine regions that have contributed to Australia being recognised as a great wine producer" Michael adds.

Series 2 is currently in pre-production and will be televised in 2013. Details about series 2 including a sneek-peek video is available at the Foody & the Winemaker website ... >

The episodes from series 1 are listed below. Segments from Series 1 as well as extended segments are currently being added to our Food & Wine Channel.

Foody & the Winemaker Series 1 Episodes
Episode 1
Belinda Moon speaks to Michael Hatcher about the lifestyle she now enjoys living at Oakfield, an historic homestead in Mudgee NSW. Belinda talks about her passion for the garden and the history that surrounds her including some life-size sculptures made by her late father Tom Bass.
Episode 2
Michael and Rebecca visit Silks Brasserie in the Blue Mountains of NSW.
Rebecca interviews restaurant owner Stewart Robinson and head chef David Waddington and Ant Moore from Ant Moore Wines in New Zealand drops in for a chat with Michael.
Episode 3
Michael interviews Hunter Valley winemaker Keith Tulloch who refers to Hunter Valley Semillon as the reason people should visit the Hunter Valley. Rebecca shows how to prepare and cook the ultimate beer battered fish served with mushy peas, crunchy homemade chips topped with aoli, a true green and gold theme.
Episode 4
In this episode Rebecca and Michael showcase the Orange Region of NSW. Although Orange has a long history of agriculture and farming it is a relatively young wine region and is continuing to make it's mark both locally and internationally.

Episode 5
In this episode we look at wine judging in Australia. What do the judges look for, how is wine accessed and how do they arrive at bronze, silver and gold medals.

Episode 6
Continued from the previous episode where Rebecca put a challenge to Michael resulting in a blind tasting of 5 wines, 3 whites and 2 reds. Michael  has to choose the variety, the vintage and the region where each wine was made.

Episode 7
Rebecca speaks with Tim Hanson from Mandagery Creek Venison while Michaels visits Rod Kempe winemaker from Lakes Folly one of Australia's iconic vineyards. Michael samples a 20 year old Lakes Folly Cabernet while Bec demonstrates a quick and easy way to cook venison.
Episode 8
In this episode we look at Organic and Bio Dynamic Farming/Production as well as farmers markets. Michael & Rebecca discuss the differences between conventional and organic farming practices and the difference in the end product.
Episode 9
We visit Hereford Prime producers of pasture fed stress free beef for the consumer market. Rebecca talks about the way this product is produced, graded and then demonstrates how to cook the perfect steak on the BBQ. Michael visits Hunter Valley winemaker Keith Tulloch who talks about the style of shiraz that is synonomous to the Hunter Valley.
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Wine Australia's sponsorship and project assistance is exclusively directed to funding the production of the editorial video footage that captures both regional and winemaker profiles. The sponsorship does not subsidise any retail or commercial activity undertaken by About the House. Participation by any winery in 'Foody & the Winemaker' is not contingent on supplying wines, or paying a fee, to About the House.