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Solar Heat Pumps

Quantum Australia

PO Box 553
Strawberry Hills
NSW 2012

Solar Heat Pumps
Solar Hot Water

Phone: (02) 9699 7444
Fax: (02) 9699 5386

The major advantages of Quantum's products can be summarised as follows:-

  • Products are based on Heat Pump technologies that absorb energy from renewable energy sources such as sun, air and water.

  • Products provide low cost heating. Maintenance costs are also low.

  • Ability to produce more hot water than any other conventional solar system and still maintain a low running cost.

  • Solar hot water is produced 24 hours per day. Systems effectively produce hot water night and day in all types of weather conditions including rain and snow.

  • Patented systems that operate in a wide range of weather conditions. Systems can extract heat energy from the ambient air from as low as -10C and are capable of heating water to +70C.

  • Huge savings benefits to the environment by reducing C02 emissions. The C02 emission reductions from the large central heating systems and hot water systems that replace oil, coal and diesel fired boiler systems are substantial with the actual quantity of reductions being a factor of size and usage.

  • Reduce demand for electricity and the need for electrical infrastructure to service communities. Due to the efficient nature of the systems they can be installed in areas where only a small amount of power is available.

  • Ease of installation. The domestic and commercial models do not require solar panels. These models can replace existing hot water systems without the cost of installing panels.

  • Product range covers small domestic households to systems that can heat large buildings or complexes.

  • Refrigerants used in Quantum products do not harm the environment

Domestic Hot Water

Compact Models(Domestic)

The 1.1kW Compact Domestic Hot Water heater has its evaporator & fan mounted together, with the rest of the heat pump, on top of the water tank. Being fully self contained it is extremely easy to install.

The installation work can be completed by the same trades people (plumber & electrician) as would be required for a conventional electric water heater. The compact arrangement means no on site refrigeration work is required.

Split Model(Commercial)

The more powerful 1.7kW Split Domestic Hot Water heater has its evaporator & fan mounted separately to the tank unit. The heat pump however is still located on top of the tank. The larger heat pump is more suited to commercial applications, but can be beneficial in very large house holds.

The split arrangement allows for the evaporator to be positioned remotely to the tank unit. This can be a major benefit in commercial applications where well ventilated areas for the hot water system are often at a premium. The tank unit can be positioned within the building and the evaporator mounted externally - up to 10 metres from the tank unit.

On site refrigeration work is required for this model therefore, for installation, a refrigeration technician will be required as well as the normal plumber & electrician.

Pool Heating

The Quantum Pool Heater units comprise the following models:-

2.7kW Model (Domestic & Commercial)

The 2.7kW Pool Heater is suitable for domestic swimming pool heating and smaller commercial pool heating. It is in a compact arrangement so no on site refrigeration work is required.
11.2kW Model (Commercial)

The more powerful 11.2kW Pool Heater is designed for commercial applications. It is also in a compact arrangement, requiring no on site refrigeration work to be performed.